Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Site Updates

Recent Site Updates/Newly Added Resources:

  • "Workplace Mobbing: Expulsion, Exclusion, and Transformation" by S. Ramsay, M. Barker & L. Shallcross.
    This article presents the results of a three year exemplarian study investigating experiences of those who have self-identified as targets of workplace mobbing. Looking at the commonalities across 212 different participant experiences sheds light on the true nature of workplace mobbing.
  • "Mobbing in the Workplace" by Roderick Ramage
    First published in the New Law Journal, this article provides a brief introduction to workplace mobbing and discusses its application in the context of English employment law. Ramage also discusses the main issues surrounding constructive dismissal.
  • "Mobbing: Death by a Thousand Cuts" by Doug Ball
    This article provides an overview of mobbing, bullying, and peer harassment in the workplace. To illustrate the phenomenon of mobbing, Ball describes a case study.

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